With a total population of just over 17,000 Eastwyk is the third largest city in Ryland after Bridgewater and Strathaven, and the fifteenth largest in Rhelyrien. It is also the sixth busiest port city in the Kingdom, capable of servicing even the largest blue-water vessels.

Acorns of House Forscythe

While Eastwyk is ruled in title by Lord Dorian Forscythe, he is not yet of age to govern effectively. Stewardship of Eastwyk has fallen to his uncle, Ser Hermann Forscythe. It is he who determines the policy and governs the day-to-day business of the city and its surrounding lands, which he does quite competently, and without fanfare.

Most notably, the city is famous for its fine blue pottery, which is highly sought after as a trade commodity in the far distant lands across the Cataclysm. Each piece is carefully shaped by master craftsmen, before being glazed and fired using carefully guarded techniques, producing a distinct smooth, blue, glossy finish.

The Royal Naval Boatyard at Eastwyk is the largest shipyards in the kingdom. This immense compound is a maze of slips, spillways, gantries and berths where war galleys are constructed for the fleet, and older ships are reconditioned to fighting-fit status. Up to twenty large ships and a dozen smaller ones can all be worked on simultaneously, provided sufficient resources can be imported to sustain this rate of construction. At the edge of the port district in Eastwyk is a protected grove of white-oak trees, which are planted and carefully groomed to become mainmasts for future vessels.


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