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Administrative Divisions

Ruling Family

Seneschal Dvrakk M’thscalla is a former commander of the Rhelyrien Royal House Guard, the elite bodyguards who protect the King and his family. While service to the Guard is usually a lifetime appointment, Seneschal M’thscalla was excused from service to assume governorship of Khuzaark when his brother passed away without an heir. Each of his three sons were accepted into the Brotherhood of the Knights Templar after completing their Trials of Consecration, and serve as officers in the Church Militant.


The principal cities of Khuzaark include its capital of Khuzdal, Zacchar, and Qorvos. Smaller settlements are common along the desert coastline, and in the north; the only arable land of Khuzaark. Additionally, there are permanent settlements established at the largest two oasis of the Mooktai Desert, comprised mostly of cattlemen and shepherds.

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Qorvish is the official language of Khuzaark. It is a shared tongue with the Salthakin, with whom they also share a common ancestry. Despite the similarity in language, the speech of both lands have mutated over time so that the regional dialects are very different from one another; indeed, they vary also from one end of Khuzaark to the other. In the South, the language is much harsher and shares more similar words with the Salthakin, while the regions to the North and East of the Mooktai Desert incorporate elements of Lys. Qorvos, as the major trading port with the far distant Arhkan Empire, has become a particularly strong melting pot of dozens of languages and dialects, resulting in its own distinct hybridized trader slang.






Music & the Arts

Popular musical instrument:


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