Lord Dorian Forscythe

Born 8739, 21st Day of the 15th Cycle: Firstborn son of Lord Ulrich Forscythe (d.) and Charlotte de Cotis.

Lord of the city of Eastwyk and its surrounding provincial lands, Lord Dorian Forscythe inherited his family’s title at the tender age of six when his father was determined to have been lost at sea. Unprepared as he was at that age to assume a dutiful role in the governorship and administration of his family’s regency, custodianship was bestowed upon his uncle, Ser Hermann Forscythe.

Now at the age of 16, Lord Dorian has already begun assuming certain limited responsibilities from his uncle, including many ceremonial duties and managing several lesser governmental functions.

The family’s sigil is that of several acorns, denoting the grove of white oak trees which are grown specifically to become mainmasts on ships which are constructed at the Royal Naval Boatyard, located in Eastwyk.

Lord Dorian Forscythe

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