The Nine

The Nine are the the gods of Rhelyrien. While each is reckognized and worshiped as a separate entity, they are also acknowledged to be but aspects of the same devine being, which is also referred to as, “The Nine,” or “The Nine-in-One.” Each aspect of The Nine is portrayed as a representation of aspects of humanity, and are generally considered benevolent. They are, The Lord, The Dame, The Sage, The Child, The Farmer, The Merchant, The Builder, The Quiddam, and The Innkeeper.

Their official body of worship is The Church of the Nine, colloquially referred to simply as, “The Church,” which denotes the fact that there is but one permissible and sanctioned state religion in Rhelyrien.

The Lord

The Lord created Order. Law, loyalty, obedience, and justice are his tools; peace and prosperity, his gifts. Loved and kept by those who uphold laws and those who govern, he is both compassionate and fair, yet firm and unyielding.

The Dame

The Dame created Nurturing. She is the patron of caregivers, midwives, and healers. Fertility is her blessing; families and children are her charges.

The Sage

The Sage created the Heavens. In his wisdom, he set the stars, moon, and planets on their courses above. He stands for piety, age, and experience, and is most cherished by scholars, academics, and those of learned professions.

The Child

The Child created Innocence. Hers is purity, beauty, youth, sport, and the arts – song, dance, and other such joys of the soul. Two annual festivals are held at the solstices in her honor. They are celebrations for the love of life, and the bounty of wonders it has to offer.

The Builder

The Builder created Terra, the land. Hearth and home are his province, from which rise the twin blessings of creation and renewal. Revered by all who work in professions of craft- smiths, artisans, and other skilled trades.

The Farmer

The Farmer created the Rivers, Streams, and Seeded the land. In all of nature’s bounty, his hand is seen. An annual festival, offering thanks for the provision of harvest, and for creatures both wild and domestic, is held at the conclusion of each harvest season.

The Merchant

The Merchant created the Seas and Darkwaters. His is trade, commerce, enterprise, wealth, and cleverness- ever ebbing and flowing like the tides. Sailors, businessmen, and those who place a premium on cunning and craftiness.

The Quiddam

The Quiddam created the Web of Fate. He is the Unknown; the Something; a faceless stranger whose actions and decisions affect your life in unseen ways. He is those whom you have not yet met. He is providence, chance, coincidence, serendipity, and promise.

The Innkeeper

The Innkeeper created Life’s Journey. He waits at the end of the Path we must all walk, promising rest for the weary. His are travel, friendship, and acts of sharing and charity. Standing eternal watch beside his Inn where the Path Beyond joins this world, he serves as the silent Guardian of Souls who are now at rest.

The Nine

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